Breville BES878BSS

Espresso Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro Express Machine brushed stainless steel Reviews – Enjoy the Real Taste of Third Wave Specialty Coffee.Breville Espresso Machine bes878bss has been around for a while. This espresso machine is even said to be the best coffee maker 2022. It has many high-quality features. The design and material used to build it are also considered the best material for the best coffee maker grind and brew. Plus, it has the best set of features. In short, everything about this coffee maker is top-notch.

So, are you interested to buy this product? You may want to find the best coffee maker small for your kitchen. Or, you want to get the best coffee maker french press for your daily dosage of caffeine. You have come to the right place. BES878BSS is rated best coffee maker with grinder you can find on the market. Let us show you some of the amazing features you can find in this world best coffee maker.

Breville BES878BSS

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Breville BES878BSS

Compact and Simple Design

One of the reasons why BES878BSS got the best coffee maker rated status is the compact and simple design. The compact design allows you to put it in any space in your room. We usually put this beast in our kitchen, so whenever we want to get a cup of coffee, we can use this best coffee maker with espresso to make one.

Sometimes, we also put it in our yard. We did that when we have an outdoor activity or built a tent and enjoy the campfire. Even though it is not a real camping site, but we feel that this product is the best coffee maker for campers that accompany our night.

We also love the simple design. Everything is in the right place. The control panel is on the front side with a big LCD touch screen. The frosting wand is also right in front of you. It also has a wide platform to put your cup and many other amazing design parts. In short, this best coffee maker that grinds and brews has an ergonomic design that matches what you need.

Amazing Set of Features

This product is one of the Breville Barista Pro series. Therefore, it has 4 Keys Formula features that you can use to enjoy the third wave specialty coffee taste. This feature integrates all parts in this best coffee maker for taste, which is including the grinder, to create the best espresso in under one minute

Moreover, the grinding feature is also on another level. It uses the conical burr grinder, which is well-known for its efficiency and accuracy. Then, you can control it by using the touch screen with a simple touch. This is one of the breville coffee machines that have this unique feature.

Furthermore, this breville the barista express espresso machine also has a unique water pressure control system. You can adjust its pressure from low to high, which increases gradually to draw out the flavor of the coffee bean. This breville the barista express espresso machine will give you the balanced and deep flavor you can only get from a professional barista creation.

Speed is also another reason why BES878BSS got the best coffee maker ratings. The ThermoJet technology creates the fastest heating process. This breville coffee maker espresso needs only 3 seconds to reach the best temperature for the coffee type that you made. Moreover, you also can adjust the mode, from espresso to using the steam wand for frosting purposes.

It doesn’t only produce a fast heating process. But, the temperature is also accurate. It is all thanks to the best coffee maker in the world, Breville, adding Digital Temperature Control (PID) feature to this product. It gives the exact temperature that your coffee needs with only 2 degrees of difference.

We also like the frosting tool in this machine. BES878BSS might be known as one of the cheapest best coffee maker from Breville. However, it has a complete set of barista tools you can use. One of them is the steam wand for microfoam milk texturing needs. You can control this best coffee maker for cheap tools to create latte art and another delicious frosting for your beverage.

So, what is the best coffee maker feature? We love the LCD part, where you can also see the easy-to-understand icon with animation. It is not only fun. This design also helps you to understand what kind of option, mode, or feature that you are going to use. As you can see, this product is not only full of the amazing features. But, it also provides the best user experience. And, that is what best coffee maker truly is.

Where to Buy

After you read all the features that BES878BSS has, we believe that you want to know where you can get one. You don’t have to worry. We have the answer here for you. So, to get this world’s best coffee maker, you only need to visit the Amazon store. Why?

Amazon has one of the best deals for Breville Barista Express Espresso BES878BSS. This store offers the original product directly from the manufacturer. Moreover, this is also the store where you can get the best coffee maker cheap. The price here is much lower than any other online store we found.

Amazon also provides various accessories in the package. You can get a filter basket, razor precision dose trimming tool, stainless steel milk jug, cleaning kit, extra water filter, and many more. If you need more, Amazon also has other accessories from Breville that you can use.

However, the most important thing you can get from shopping at Amazon is the warranty. For Breville Express Espresso BES878BSS, you will get a 2-year limited product warranty. Make sure you confirm this matter with customer service. You will find how or when you can use it.


What the best coffee maker can offer to you or other people that love coffee. The answer is practicality and flavor. BES878BSS has all of those factors. Its design and features allow you to use it without any problem. Then, its ability to extract the third wave specialty coffee will give you the best flavor. Now, are you ready to get breville bes878bss Barista Pro Espresso Machine brushed stainless steel For Sale Best Price?